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Alaska News Nightly Radio November 10th 2009

"The Black Ball Ferry Line"
Bing Crosby 1951

CFlying Bird (Part 1)

Flying Bird (Part 2)

Historic Kalakala

Galloping Gertie

Alaska Film Archives

MV Kalakala

Steel Electric Class

Hope Floats
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Her full story & Truth of her Life, Times, Memories, and national Significances

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"Helping Hands"
The Kalakala is currently undergoing repairs
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The Kalakala makes the news
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To those young 21st generation UW journalist writing about the Kalakala
1935 MV Kalakala “A ship of Hope”

You have asked; “What do I tell investors?”
I tell them this is a ship of Hope, over 4 centuries of it!

First of all we did not seek them, but focused on giving back Hope to the Kalakala by researching for years all her related significant national and many related states maritime history. Once we found how rich her past was the story had to be shared with our governments. For 15 years she returned after being buried for over 32 years in Alaska. She returned but has never been given Hope back as she once did in her past service life. Beyond, her service life over 4 centuries has been filled with Hope given to us from the Kalakala’s forefathers and family who built her. The Peabody family.

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Stunning pictures of the Kalakala
By: Dennis Brockschmidt

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